Mirrorless Spanked at 2014 World Press Photo Comp.

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Re: Why are SLR fans nuts

I think what the point was something along the lines of "If you think what the mirrorless advocates (and there´s a generalisation and a half, right there) is wrong/annoying, why are you doing the same thing?"............................................................

Personally I couldn´t give a rats backside what press photographers use, since I´m not a press photographer.  I find all these DSLR/mirrorless threads reminiscent of when people at school used to criticise each other for their taste in sports shoes, when aged about 11.   There is a lack of imagination on all sides which comes from a failure to grasp that other people are different and what we value isn´t what other people value.   I can only hope that the photography of the individuals involved is a bit more creative than some of the thinking that goes on here.

If mirrorless users going yah boo sucks annoys you, why are you emulating them?

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