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Graham Hill
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Re: The waxy skin tones are just Fuji's interpretation
In reply to Jim Evidon, Feb 20, 2014

Jim Evidon wrote:

Every camera manufacturer has it's own idea as to what is acceptable with in-camera processing of jpeg images. Frankly, I find fault with all of them. but then again, I shoot RAW and I post process. With Nikon I was doing a lot of things in post precessing to get my acceptable image. Same comment goes for Panasonic, Sony, Leica M's and Olympus. I do not like any of their in-camera processed jpegs. JPEG was the industry's attempt to get an acceptable image out of a tiny 1 to 3 megapixel sensor camera and compressing the image. So much data is lost using jpeg, I am surprised that any serious photographer still uses that format.

With my Fuji XPro-1, the Raw images are near acceptable as is, and my post process workflow is now very simple and quick with minimal tweaking. I use Capture One Pro to convert my Fuji images to TIFF format and the IQ is amazing.

So my advise is to shoot Raw and tweak the images on your computer or keep looking for that perfect camera that produces just the final jpeg image you want. And good luck to you.

The mantra from this forum for years have been Fujifilm's JPEG engine is the best in the industry.

Now, it seems people are so quick to toss that over the side, forget about what was once taken for granted, and take a giant leap away from the former standard of performance.

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