I don't think the A77 needs to be replaced this year, here is why.

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Re: I don't think the A77 needs to be replaced this year, here is why.

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Dennis wrote:

My thinking is: if PDAF-on-sensor is ready for prime time and they can make a truly mirrorless camera with the AF performance everyone expects from a '7' series and maybe boost the frame rate in the process, then go for it. If not, then wait. 2015 or 2016 would be fine ... it will still be out before Nikon replaces the D300

The A6000 shows that on-sensor-pdaf *IS* prime time. It apparently runs circles around the A77 for auto focus performance. In fact, the claim is that it has the fastest auto focus ever conceived of any brand any time.

The low light performance of the A77 isn't very good. DXO rates it pretty low. Video performance is dismal. Fact it, it's getting antiquated.

Yet its ahead of the 7D and not far behind the D7100 in terms of ISO. It's really not that bad compared to its competition.

This and OP thread is so far the funniest of its kind lol.

"Rest of the cameras suck so I don't mind have one that sucks less".

I dont want a less sucky camera, I want the best possible and I hope sony is the one to have it.

This is the problem. The best camera rarely holds its title for longer than a year. Models and makers keep leapfrogging one another in the various aspects of bestness. But even if I could afford to buy the best camera every time a new best arrived it would be pointless. It takes me at least two years to learn how to get the best from a new camera.

It's not unusual for me to stumble across an unexpected feature or method which uses a combination of features which makes a certain kind of shot so much easier and better well after a year of ownership. It's not unusual for me to look back at an excellent photograph taken years ago with inferior technology and go back there with my latest gear to take a better one. And find that I can't do it. I've got better resolution, better micro contrast, highest dynamic range, etc., but the light is different in a subtle but rather important way.

I find cameras are like rough country boots. I have to use them for a long time before we become well fitted to each other. And once we've become good trusted familiar friends a new friend has to be outstandingly superior to be preferred to the old one. I recall the time I took some friends up a steep hill in ankle deep snow. I had good boots on and wasn't slipping. A friend kept slipping and falling, cursing his smoother soles. His feet were the same size as mine. So we swopped boots. He still kept slipping, but not as much. And I wasn't slipping at all, and still moving faster than him.

Sometimes skill and technique is a lot more important than which camera it is.

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Chris Malcolm

You also missed my point! We are not talking about skill here - the title and post does NOT say - "I don't think the A77 needs to be replaced this year because I am an awesome photographer".

Just because other cameras are "bad" or equally to good to the current camera it is not a reason for sony to not release a better camera. In fact I am happy they released A6K, did they they sit and think "well the nex 6 and 7 are good cameras, A7/r is good, lets not release a fast AF till we totally out classed"

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