For those who thought the Df flopped...

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Re: For those who thought the Df flopped...
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Well said, any criticism whatsoever of the Df in this forum is taken personally by a couple of people. We only get the "Df is the greatest camera ever made by Nikon" and if you choose to buy another Nikon when you could have bought a Df, well you made a stupid decision. The defenders go on to say, yes, other Nikon DSLRs are fabulous but the Df runs rings around them, when in truth, the numbers hardly back up their positions. I must say that there have been some extremely fair reviews posted here with fantastic images to show what the camera is capable of and it's refreshing to see such objective arguments made. Alas, those same threads get taken down into the "emotional" gutter by certain people.

Stan, this is such utter hogwash.

1) No one has said anyone would be stupid to not buy the Df. Most of us (in fact) have bought the Df as a second body. And yes, all of the Nikon DSLRs are great. But the Df does package them in a way that is appealing to some.

2) At higher ISOs the Df produces a better file OOC than my D800. End of story.

3) There shouldn't BE defenders anymore. The critics have made their points and the owners have sounded theirs. Isn't it time for the Df owners to be permitted to start threads on gear they OWN without this nonsense.  It DOES come across as envy. Can't you see that? Why else does someone repeat the same thing. I don't like your BMW. I don't like your BMW because my Subaru is faster. I don't like your BMW because my Lexus is roomier. Guess what? I'm probably wishing I could also have a BMW. It's pretty basic. All of the nit-picks about the Df, from the AF to the controls, don't mean a thing to the majority of shooters. That leaves it as a glamour product to a lot of people. And those people are annoyed by folks who can afford to be less practical.

Your point about the 1%ers is spot on, we peons only point out Df weak points because we cannot afford one and are green with envy towards those that own one - class warfare at the least and ignorance at best.

At this point it is exactly how you sound. If you have issue with Nikon, what do I and my Df have to do with it? I don't run Nikon. Nikon is not reading this. Go write a letter to Nikon and vent your issues where it might matter.

The question none of the haters will answer is this:

Just what is it that you're trying to accomplish by repeating the same negative remarks to owners and fans of the Df over and over and over???????????????

Over on the PC-forum, if you DARE saying anything negative about Windows8, you are branded by again a handful of people as too stupid to figure it out and too stuck in the past to embrace the future, IOW, the same mentality as the handful of people here. They take it personally and go to the utmost extremes to make the entire argument about your inadequate brain's ability to see things as they see them. Oh, and we have a lot of nerve expressing a subjective "opinion" here on a public forum which I had originally thought was all about "opinions", but I guess I was mistaken.

Stan, that's a pretty desperation to attempt to validate some rotten behavior. The Df works for ME. I like it. If you don't, fine. Buy something else. Got a beef with Nikon? Write them an essay.

But what are the same people doing bashing owners and gear AGAIN AND AGAIN over something they don't own???

That's the question, Stan. I'm not in the D610 forum bashing it (I don't like it). I'm not in the 80-400 AF-S threads complaining about it. I said my piece and have moved on with my life.

So yes, you all do sound like something is very wrong, be it jealousy, envy or something worse.

I own the Df. I have good reason to post about it on a regular basis. Same with my D800, D5200, D40. What are YOU doing here AGAIN?


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