For those who thought the Df flopped...

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Re: For those who thought the Df flopped...
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wisep01 wrote:

anotherMike wrote:

Bingo Paul.

I think the DF isn't worth the price and isn't that amazing a camera design by a long shot. Given this year (so far) I've bought a Zeiss 135/2 Apo Sonnar, a Nikon 35/1.8G and a Nikon 18-35/G zoom, I think you could say I could afford one (a DF) if I wanted to. Thing is, it simply ain't worth it from where I stand, and given both my D610, and particularly so my D800E, produce better output in my hands at the ISO I shoot, it's kind of a no brainer...

Not saying the DF shouldn't exist - Nikon always has made some niche products, but it's clearly not this raging success some fanboys here think it is. I was damned lucky to score a D800E 2 months after introduction, but the same (pro) store has a stack of DF bodies sitting there today....


Precisely Mike.

For a host of ridiculously incongruous and absurdly unimaginable reasons, the Df's most rabid patrons have chosen to cast any criticism of the Df as evidence of class warfare. They claim that the have-nots, the economically disaffected, and the bottom 99% have mounted an attack on the privileged 1%.

It's a provocative stance and one entirely without merit. Seemingly, the finesse with which they bandy insouciant, cavalier accusations is exceeded only by their pathological myopia. When the not-so-big thinkers among them pause to ponder how the Df, god's greatest gift to man, could possibly have its share of detractors, they conclude thusly of their critics: "They just resent the number of zeroes in our paychecks."

In this increasingly post-industrial world, where intellectual capital is one of the most potent engines of progress, it is surprising how remarkably in short supply it is among a certain cadre of Df users, who are unable, for the life of them, to comprehend why everyone does not share their penchant to subjugate reason and pragmatism on the altar of vanity.

Well said, any criticism whatsoever of the Df in this forum is taken personally by a couple of people. We only get the "Df is the greatest camera ever made by Nikon" and if you choose to buy another Nikon when you could have bought a Df, well you made a stupid decision. The defenders go on to say, yes, other Nikon DSLRs are fabulous but the Df runs rings around them, when in truth, the numbers hardly back up their positions. I must say that there have been some extremely fair reviews posted here with fantastic images to show what the camera is capable of and it's refreshing to see such objective arguments made. Alas, those same threads get taken down into the "emotional" gutter by certain people.

Your point about the 1%ers is spot on, we peons only point out Df weak points because we cannot afford one and are green with envy towards those that own one - class warfare at the least and ignorance at best.

Over on the PC-forum, if you DARE saying anything negative about Windows8, you are branded by again a handful of people as too stupid to figure it out and too stuck in the past to embrace the future, IOW, the same mentality as the handful of people here. They take it personally and go to the utmost extremes to make the entire argument about your inadequate brain's ability to see things as they see them. Oh, and we have a lot of nerve expressing a subjective "opinion" here on a public forum which I had originally thought was all about "opinions", but I guess I was mistaken.

There is no point in arguing with them, they always come back with the exact same rejoinders. I have held a Df and I didn't like the look or the feel or the mechanics so I haven't bought one which obviously shows how stupid I am. If they make some changes to the DfS, I just might sell my home and a couple of my grandkids and buy one. But until then, fire away....


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