G1X mkII: No HDR, DR, 60fps @1080p and panorama, at such a high price?

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Re: Goofy features are for amateurs and newbs.

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I'm really dissapointed by Canon, they are far behind other companies when it comes to features. They could at least add DR, but would also prefer to have HDR and 60fps @1080p.

S120 and G16 both have 60fps and HDR so I thought that most of new Canons will have this features.

and when is Canon going to include sweep panorama for the first time in one of their cameras, like in 20 years?

This is not accaptable!

THIS is meant for people who know what they're doing. The price point, size, and feature set are all designed for people who take photography seriously.

HDR is a gimmick for the most part, especially when done in-camera, and Canon knows that HDR can be done easily by someone who knows what they're doing. Also, 60fps video? Useless nonsense that nobody actually needs or cares about does not interest those who love still and may use video occasionally if they feel the need.

Yes, the S120 and G16 are aimed at amateurs that don't know what they're doing and value goofy things that make a camera seem super advanced and pro and all that.

Sweep panorama is another feature that someone might use three times and even those three images will probably only ever be looked at three times each.

I don´t shoot video much, but If I do, it must be 60FPS, otherwise I rather shoot no video. I´m very sensitive for FPS, and I really hate looking at that tearing slideshows. Avatar 4k in cinema was real torture for my eyes. Can´t even play sports games under 60/50FPS. This tearing confuses me, so I don´t only enjoy, but when I need to interact, I totally miss everything. If I´ll shoot video on my SL1, I will shoot 720p 60FPS rather than 1080p with lower FPS. With HDR, it´s different story. While only Canon was not able to make usable handheld (ghosting filtered) HDR, I considered their HDR way as bestm because it looks most natural compared to other companies products.

I'm the opposite.  I can't stand watching 60fpd video.  It seems so unnatural to me.  Perhaps it's from watching thousands of movies, but I actually prefer the film look.  I was thankful to see both modes available on my S120.   As for the HDR, it's nice to have I suppose but I rarely ever use the in-camera HDR.  I generally prefer to shoot bracketed and then stack them in post.  Even at the default settings, most software can easily produce much better results than in-camera.

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