Why choose an X-T1 instead of a DSLR?

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Re: Why choose an X-T1 instead of a DSLR?
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LarsLeibgott wrote:

Both systems have bodies which appeal to me more than a large, standard, "hefty" looking DSLR. I shoot a lot of street photography and having a camera like the GX7 or the E-M1 or the X-T1 or the X-E2 makes it easier to approach people for a photograph. They respond better to it than they do a D600. The size and form difference is noticeable, especially to someone who isn't familiar with photography equipment.
(I also personally like EVFs; having access to info in a sort of 'heads up display' fashion is cool, and as a youngin' I never really got accustomed to shooting with OVFs.)
I don't think anything's a bad choice, though, so long as it works for you and you're not forgoing something absolutely essential to your style/job/workflow for the sake of aesthetics. I'll probably buy another DSLR at some point, because I do like them and I think the benefits are still appreciable in some areas. But by and large, I'm mirrorless from this point forward.

I thought this was a nice answer. Yes I bought my Sony NEX6 because I wanted something smaller to travel with than a DSLR, but I was also very aware that I'd be able to get better more candid shots of people without a large Nikon around my neck.

The X-T1 costs significantly more than a D7100, and about the same as a D610. I'd get the X-T1 because I like to travel without a huge camera and I prefer the more approachable (ok, cool) look of a mirrorless camera over a traditional DSLR. For me, that size/look advantage, the lens selection, and the data on the EVF would easily make up for a slower autofocus (an issue that is becoming less and less relevant anyway).

If you get a chance to fiddle with them in a shop you'll immediately see that they are rather different beasts.

An entry DSLR like the D3200 or a Rebel might be a similar size, but will have far fewer features and frankly look no-where near as good. As soon as you start going up the DSLR tree the size difference will become more pronounced.

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