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Re: DPR Hates Criticism...
In reply to Henrik Melander, Feb 15, 2014

Henrik Melander wrote:

Saying Their house their rules. is kinda stupid.

its like saying their country their rules abouth north korea for example

Ah, yes that's exactly how the world works.  North Korea have their own rules despite what anyone says.  The US, Russia, Germany, France, Iran, China, country X, they do whatever they want within their own borders.  My most accounts Syria is operating under their own rules these days and have been for a while.  Please don't try to convince me that North Korea is not operating by their own rules.  Nothing new or ground breaking in that.  As for DPR or any other review site, they do whatever they want.  And good on them.  They have that right.  If I disagree, no one is stopping me from starting my own site with my own rules.

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