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Sony A6000 vs G1X 2 Locked

Started Feb 14, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Excellent <dripping with sarcasm> list from the Sony troll.
In reply to Photato, Feb 14, 2014

Photato wrote:

A list comparing both cameras from a post on the Sony forum.

Sony A6000 vs Canon G1X2:
- 1.5 vs 1.92 crop factor +1 Sony


- EVF vs optional (NO) VF +1 Sony


- 24 Mpx vs 12.8 Mpx +1 Sony


- max ISO 25600 vs 12800 +1 Sony


- worlds best? OSPDAF vs CDAF +1 Sony


- changeable vs fixed lens +1 Sony


- Better grip, ergonomica vs.. +1 Sony

???? Yeah...no.

- 650/800 $ vs 799$ +1 Sony

And then some lenses so it can take pictures.  Zoom?  Fast?  Macro?  Tack on a few hundred extra here, pal.

- 11fps AF vs 5 fps +1 Sony


- 420 vs 240 shots/ battery +1 Sony


- in camera HDR, bracketing, Apps, HHT, Panorama, etc... + Sony

Only tools like you care about the gimmicks, bracketing isn't hard to do, panoramas are easy without a mode to do it.....

- already have SEL lenses +1 Sony

Good for you.  Nobody cares.

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