G1X MII or RX100II?

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Re: RX100-3 will be better. June.
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June ... Expecting a new lens for the RX. Yay !

Given the G1X II, Sony is now forced to make more significant improvements than what they did on the I to II. Keep in mind this is always the case with ever new camera. Personally I prefer the size of the G1X II, the sensor size, the lower MPs, and the lens range over the RX100.

If Sony improves the RX100II lens by giving it sharper corners and 24-100 (or 120) mm equiv. zoom range in a slightly bigger package, I would definitely prefer the RX100-3. An optically less compromised lens will be bigger, but so be it. Somewhere between RX100 and RX10 there could be an attractive compromise.

"If Sony improves the RX100II lens ................" Now there's the thing. One of the reasons why the Sony's lens is not that good is because of its small size it's already on the borders of what can be manufactured with reasonable optical quality. So then make it bigger some of you might say. But then the whole camera has to increase in size because the bigger lens has to retract into somewhere within the body and suddenly the whole thing doesn't become quite so appealing. So if Sony want to retain the RX100's form factor (and that arguably is part of its appeal) then there are no guarantees that Sony could improve the lens, even if they wanted to. So don't hold your breath on that one.

Agree, I'm not holding my breath either. But for me personally, I see a possible compromise somewhere between RX100II and RX10. RX10 seems to have a great lens without the most obvious flaws of the RX100; and I don't need the top half of the zoom range or the f/2.8 aperture at tele on such a camera.

I don't consider the RX100II 'pocketable' anyway, so making it e.g. 0.5cm thicker and 50 grams heavier (to increase WA range to 24mm and make the lens a bit better) would not be a real issue for me. But maybe Sony has decided that for the average buyer size is far more important than optical quality. The general comments on the Sony forum ('who cares about corner quality') seem to confirm that ;-(

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