G1X MII or RX100II?

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Re: G1X MII or RX100II?
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howardroark wrote:

phazelag wrote:

I have been moving toward smaller cameras for a while now and I really do like the concept of the G1X M2, but the fact that its only 12.8 mega pixels in my opinion really lowers its potential.

I know the megapixel police will be cursing me, but I think 14-16 would have been excellent. I have my Ricoh GR at 16 and it is nice to be able to crop to zoom. This where I think many buyers looking for high quality in their pocket will be more likely to choose the Sony RX100 or RX100II. Yes I am guessing the G1X will have nicer high ISO photos, but really how much better and how often will that be necessary compared to wanting the details in the 20MP Sony.

Plus the Sony truly does fit in your pocket. I think Canon has done something nice, but they have limited the potential buyers by holding back newer sensor pixel ratios. If this used the 70D sensor technology it could be 15MP and that would be more to work with.

I will wait to see the photos and reviews, but I do feel like canon held back on us.

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I think we got a similar sensor to one that was first introduced 2 years ago, but very likely with manufacturing improvements that will increase image quality (DR, noise, etc.). Even if those improvements are marginal, what Canon did not hold back on was a killer (I mean really groundbreaking) new lens. As long as it produces the same type of detail, color, etc. as the G1 X lens the new G1 X II lens will be enough to justify the price of the camera all by itself. The greatly improved macro ability will also shut up the naysayers, or at least a great many of them.

I do hope you are right, that is your comment that it will shut up the naysayers.  But I fear that there will still be too many who simply don't understand the point of the product, or rather don't want to see the point even if it's not for them, and they will continue to snipe away at it until something else comes along they they don't understand either, or they just get bored.

Prepare to be stunned by all the ways Canon decidedly did not hold back.

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