G1X MII or RX100II?

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Yes, definitely a G series as well as a G1 X series.
In reply to Jennyhappy2, Feb 14, 2014

Jennyhappy2 wrote:

I'm wondering if Canon plans to continue with the G-series? Will there be a G17 and beyond?

With the exception of the G1X II being 1 inch thicker, they are almost identical in size, the G16 actually being taller. I would assume the extra thickness of the G1X II is due to the lens and sensor, and with my limited knowledge of it, a jacked-up AF. (although I had no problem with the G1X AF)

I will almost certainly buy the G1X II. But if I do, why then would I buy a G17?........unless they are going to, say, enlarge the sensor in the G17 to 1 inch etc. (ala Sony RX100 II), with all the appropriate resultant changes that would cause? And will they be able to keep the cost at $499? In today's economic climate, I doubt it!

I'm no prophet, but looking at it logically, except for retail cost, what is the incentive for Canon to continue the G series? Certainly the G1X II would bite into G series sales if the G1X II is a huge hit, and I think it will be! (golly, I'm getting tired of typing "G1X II every time! Can't we come up with a short-hand name?)

Any prognostications?

You raise a very good point as the G1X II is far superior to the G16...look for its price to drop after the G1X II is released.

As was the case with the G1 X, the two camera types are only tenuously related.  The G1 X was never meant to replace the regular G series and, if you'll notice, it did not.  The G1 X II will also not supplant the G series camera as they are both aimed at very different markets.  The price alone should make that clear.

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