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1/ You can buy a "sync cord" that goes all the way from the flash head to the camera. Paramount is the biggest maker of these, and there are coiled versions and straight versions.

Be careful of coiled; they can compress and pull over the light stand or the camera on its tripod.

2/ You can buy a short cable or sync cord made by the trigger company. If you are buying a new trigger, there may be a sync cord in the box.

Then all you need to do is figure out how to attach the trigger's control box securely to something, and then plug the cord into the post on the lens. The Hasselblad 500C does not have a shoe on it, "hot" or "cold" so the attachment needs to be via some other method.

You can put the trigger in a ZipLoc bag and tape the bag to the tripod, and the cord should still reach the connection post on the lens.

Is it an old flash unit?

Electronic triggers on studio flash units are a pretty new invention, so you may have trouble finding a trigger with a connector for the flash model.

If worst comes to worst...

You can buy a little slave flash that has a short cord, and plugs into the Hasselblad lens.

Then you buy a photocell slave that plugs into the flash unit.

When you press the shutter release, the flash at the camera goes off sending a burst of light through the air, hitting the photocell on the big / main flash unit. The illumination hitting the sensor / photocell sets off the flash.

Be careful so the light from the little flash at the camera does not mess up the lighting of the subject.

Spend some time looking at the accessories pages of the B&H and Adorama web site. Or find some geezer who probably has cords sitting in the bottom of some old camera bag.


You have been more than helpful. Thanks so much. I've now got a lot of research and testing to do - I hope I don't waste too much expensive film in the process :/

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