Bridge camera, Mirrorless or DSLR?

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Re: Worst piece of advice ever

canonagain123 wrote:

Dr JLW wrote:

I suggest a bridge super zoom as the best of the three.

She clearly knows how to use a camera. Mirrorless and DSLR will have less versatility unless you also spring for extra lenses. The much disparaged IQ is fine for what she does and she will get great looking photos.

Might I suggest another alternative, a travel zoom. These easily fit in a purse and have very good stabilization and about 10:1 zoom starting fro 25mm equiv.. My wife loves hers and when we travel I often borrow it when I go o a morning jog.

People who shoot manual rarely want a superzoom with all its deficits. They have a variable aperture and maximum aperture of f/4 or f/4.5 usually. The exceptions (f/2.8 superzooms) are exceptions, but if you compare fz200 images to DSLR images made with half decent f/2.8 lenses you'll find it lacking.

I can't believe anyone would recommend a superzoom unless they were trying to make sure someone ends up hating photography and never develop beyond a certain point.

The versatility is in the ability to change lenses. It allows you to grow in whatever way you choose. You can make the learning curve steeper by starting with manual focus lenses (can't turn AF on even if you want to), or you can start with autofocus lenses. You can shoot 35mm or 50mm 95% of the time and then take out the 200/300/500mm lens when you need a long shot. That gives you a better IQ 100% of the time than the poorer image quality of the superzoom. You can't change the lens on a superzoom (I feel like a mental patient writing that word over and over again, it sounds ridiculous) but you can put a Tamron 18-270 f/3.5-6.3 on your aps-c DSLR and get a 29-432mm equivalent (Canon) any time you like.

You can choose Pentax and shoot in rain all day with a non-WR manual lens. Nothing will happen to your camera. You can also use lenses from the last 55 years without needing a converter. Or you can use lenses from the last 65 years (m42) and all you need is a converter that converts from one Pentax native mount (m42) to another (PKA, aka K).

I could go on all day but I think you got the point.

I completely agree with you regarding the quality and versatility of having the ability to change lenses. (I am even now saving for my next lens). However while my mother (for that is who the camera is for) may shoot manual and is into photography more then the guy with the coolpix compact, she is not as obsessed as what most of use here on DP review about photography and therefore would not go out and buy different lenses and then take those lenses with her.

This is why i would get her a superzoom lens/camera as much as that hurts me. That is because I know that the results from a decent mirrorless/bridge/DSLR camera with a decent lens will satisfy her, and will be much better then what she currently captures with her current camera.

She is not the type not the type of person who would edit every photo and complain about the distortion and CA of every photo, but she is the type of person who will stop enjoying her coffee and go and shoot the sunrise/sunset or whatever.

Because of those things you have to buy what you think they would be most happy with even if it is not would you buy for yourself. I recently helped a friend buy their first DSLR and lens. Even though the camera and lens that they ended up with i would not have bought myself in a million years, because the camera was for them and not me i helped them chose what was best for them

At the moment i am looking at maybe the G6 or the FZ200 or similar. The problem that i am facing is to get the G6 with has better sensor, IQ etc but will have a slow lens (f3.5-5.6) or get the FZ200 with the faster longer lens but worse sensor, IQ etc.

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