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Re: re: somehow I don't feel in the least confident...
In reply to jpr2, Feb 12, 2014

jpr2 wrote:

parallaxproblem wrote:

It is actually least useful in the studio as there you have plenty of time to setup your focus

The use is in street or 'real' situations where you need to select your focus point in the shortest possible time and take the shot: compose your image (centre is by default already in focus) if the subject of interest is not in centre image then you simply have to touch the area you want to be in focus in the split second before you press the shutter

In contrast 'Focus and recompse' does not lead to accurate focus... a quick google search can show you hundreds of articles which will explain why and provide examples much better than I can do here

It does not 'get in the way' at all as you can set the NEX-5R to default to centre focus and only change for the shot that you make a selection for and then return to centre position again (or you can configure it to keep the selected point for the next photo if you prefer). Almost all the shots in my gallery required off-centre focus as I needed the eyes of the animals or birds I was taking to be sharp - when I was using the EVF the 'touch to focus' was not possible and so I had to jog the focus point (particularly painful with the LA-EA2 as you need a dialogue), but when I used the LCD screen it was just 'touch' and then 'shoot'

...whether the above is going to help me in any way at all on street, to capture those elusive scenes - I mean me or anyone else shooting 99% of their shots through VF !!

As at it happens, already while rising VF to my eye I'm already doing 1/2-press on the shutter, and the composition is getting dynamically adjusted as soon as the scene is visible in VF, with simultaneously capturing the scene at hand = it is a dynamic process, but leaves absolutely no time for fiddling with TS-ON <--> TS-OFF, and even less for poking my finger at LCD, etc. .

So the whole TS idea seems to be applicable ONLY to at-arms-length LCD shooting, no?


If you use the camera at waist level, it could help you capture some elusive scenes when most people think you are looking at and adjusting your camera rather than taking pictures.

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