Canon doesn't really care anymore...

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meland wrote:

Dick Ginkowski wrote:

Yes, my 7D still takes good pictures. So does my 50D and the litany of Canon gear I have on the shelf. Canon has been particularly slow to respond to the competition over the past four years and the EOS M venture into mirror less is also dated compared to the competition as well. Good people at Canon but Tokyo seems to have a deaf ear at times.

Perhaps that 'deaf ear' is usefully selective? For if Canon listened and responded to every whim and half thought through desire on this forum they might not be still in business.

Exactly so.  When you are lower in the food chain you have to take more risk.  Canon is at the top of the food chain.  It does not make sense to take as much risk - especially when you're talking about a camera system.  People are going to be slow to abandon a system en masse.  So, when the market decides what is important vs. what is a fad, a company like Canon can LIKELY respond.  Assuming they are still doing research and investigation independent of what they bring to market.

The trouble is - everyone has a different set of ideas regarding what is important.  If mirrorless, for example, proves to be a high growth segment then Canon can put more money into a richer product offering.  Their vast user base will feed into that new mirrorless system.  They have that benefit that other manufacturers lower in the food chain do not have.  Meanwhile, if mirrorless does NOT grow well right now then Canon isn't sinking money into it.  Some times an idea or concept needs time to mature with the public before they are willing to embrace it.  And, said idea may also need to manifest in some defacto standard approach before it's successful in the marketplace.  So, it isn't always the best option to be FIRST to market.  You want to be in the right market at the right time - that is often more important.

Canon is playing it smart - just like you see Toyota or Honda do - they don't do anything revolutionary  - just keep churning out high quality (although often uninspiring) products that just work well.  Then, when the market forces them into something (like hybrids for cars) they don't have to be FIRST, they just incorporate what is desired when there is strong market requirement for it.

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