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There is NO reason not to get X-E1 for $719

Started Feb 11, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: There is NO reason not to get X-E1 for $719
In reply to stimpy, Feb 11, 2014

stimpy wrote:

Andy G wrote:

stimpy wrote:

Andy G wrote:

stimpy wrote:

AF doesn't matter when you shoot things that don't move.

Anybody that bought the X-E1 to capture fast moving subjects clearly possesses a great amount of skill or is not capable of understanding the strengths and weaknesses of a much written about camera.

I think there are more than a few people who would have purchased the X-E1 at launch, and expected more from a £1000 body.

I can accept that, but hopefully the firmware improvements have consoled them somewhat.

Having said that, the current firmware autofocus is fast enough and where real speed is involved I simply go back to basics, the way it was done before AF existed.

Fast enough for you it seems (and for me 90% of the time) but that doesn't mean it's fast enough for everyone. Plenty of event & reportage photographers still struggle with the slow AF and lag.

This is the bit where I want to talk about my recent wedding photographs, where I was the victim of a "wedding photographer". But, I won't, as it only serves to wind me up in a real bad, unhealthy way. I was the victim of a Nikon DSLR in the wrong hands. This experience made me realise how many "professionals" are out there taking money for poor work and how they would never have survived on film or manual focus cameras.

There are no regulations around professional photography, anyone can call themselves a photographer unfortunately - it's always been this way. There are many 'professionals' using Fuji's that give photographers a bad name.

What type of wedding photographer you are, will dictate what gear allows you the best opportunity to capture images in your own style. Some guys who I have seen using Fuji X cameras still rely on traditional 'photoshoot' style weddings where they line everyone up, say "cheese" and take the photo. Others are more dynamic and want to capture special fleeting moments, the Fuji X line is simply not as suitable for that as a good DSLR.

There are those that dwell on the autofocus of the X-E1, possibly because there are very few negatives to owning such a great value camera right now. Many convince themselves of this "huge" autofocus issue to help justify to themselves (or partner) that more expense is required, to get the desired performance.

X series focus has always been poor compared to it's main competitor, m43. The reputation is justified.

A reputation of being slower than its competitor is hardly a suggestion that it is not very usable. It clearly is. Granted I have only recently acquired it and don't have the pre-firmware improvement experience.

It's usable for some people in some situations. It fails miserably in others. I don't see why Fuji users can't just accept the camera has limitations when compared to a DSLR. I am a long time Fuji user and accept those limitations, but I also don't kid myself that they don't exist.

Fuji have a long way to go before they can rival mirrored DSLRs.

For me, photography is all about image quality. Years ago when I spent £1000's on Canon L glass, I did so purely for the image quality and the 2.8 constant. In those days, it was never about autofocus. Today, with me, nothing has changed.

Why are you not shooting full frame then?

Far too heavy, all sold (2004)and they were stuck on the end of a couple of film bodies (EOS 1V HS). I once carried an EOS 1V HS, a 70-200 2.8 L, 16-35 2.8L and a 28-70 2.8L up Beinn Alligin and wanted to throw it back down rather than carry it.

Then it's not "all about image quality". You are making a compromise.

The X-E1 is an outstanding photographic tool for the price point, with superb looks and fine handling.

For some people, yes, others no.

Personal choice applies to just about anything, but it doesn't stop it being an outstanding photographer tool and deliverer of superb images. I hate Merc's, my Dad loves them, still excellent cars.

Are you trying to justify your purchase? "outstanding" is subjective, not objective. Many agree with you, but just as many disagree.

I have a feeling the x-e2 and X-T1 can rival any APSC DSLR in image quality. Autofocus and speed is getting better and better. Its already better than a lot of entry level dslrs. Can't match something like the canon 7d just yet but at the pace fuji has been improving both areas it stands to reason that it will match that performance in about a year.

DSLRs however have the advantage of a full frame sensor and that's where they shine. But with the release of the sony A7/A7r I estimate 2 years from now mirrorless will catch up. Any in the meantime Fuji will release a full frame camera as well.

This is no physical reason why a mirrorless cant outperform a DSLR in the future even at pro levels... DSLRs have just had a very long head start and it just takes development and innovation which companies alike Fuji Sony and Olympus are all great at.

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