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Re: DOF Equiv: APC:16-80mm f/2.4-4.7 FF:24-120mm f/3.6-f/7... WOW
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ohcello wrote:

I think I have the math correct? Having a 12.5mm- 62.5mm with a 1.5" sensor would mean the following in terms of Depth of Field:

CROP - 16-80MM f/2.4-4.7 (compared to RX100: 18-65mm f/3.2-8.8)
FF - 24-120mm f/3.6-7.0 (compared to RX100: 28-100mm f/4.9-13.2)

This is a groundbreaking development if the sensor is indeed 1.5" and the specs are real, which they appear to be.

As a RX100, I *love* having f/1.8 at 28mm for video and for low light shots, but having f/4.9 at 100mm equivalent was not great for portraits (FF DOF Equivalent = f/13.2).

This G1X II has f/3.9 at 120mm... meaning a f/7 FF DOF Equivalent!. Pretty amazing DOF capability from a compact built-in-lens camera. If you put a 70-300mm lens on a 1.5x crop DSLR, you are getting about f/6 or f/7 at 120mm equiv. Pretty darned good!

plus good closeup capability is seems ...

Let's hope the lens designers are using some magic to still get sharp corners with such a design.

If the initial reviews are good and the Video is not crazy with moire, I might switch from the RX100 II. I know the G1x is larger, but I really don't put the RX100 II on my pocket anyway... I usually have a small belt case.

It's twice the size of the RX100 ii, that seems a huge difference to me. It's even heavier than a SL1 DSLR with kit zoom (I know, apples and oranges ...).

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