Canon G1X M2 pics....?

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Re: Canon G1X M2 pics....?
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Rohith Thumati wrote:

Thanks for posting!

It may not be the prettiest thing, but it looks super interesting. It's the same thing as CR's image, except for the faux leather part of the grip and the lens barrel that doesn't end in space

I don't mind a flip out LCD (versus vari-angle); my Olympus E-M5 has a similar screen and I'm happy with it, but I can understand others finding the vari-angle a necessity. I also don't mind the lack of built in OVF: I never liked the G series' OVF's, and I don't mind composing on a screen. I prefer an EVF, anyway, so an add on EVF works just fine for me.

The lack of dials (compared with the G1X M1) is disappointing; that was one of the best parts of the original. Hopefully the rear part of the barrel is a dial, like that on the S series cameras so the camera has 2 dials for manual control.

While I'm hoping, here's also hoping the AF speed, touchscreen (assuming), and EVF are competitive with those of my E-M5, that the image quality is at least as good as the current G1X's, and both the camera and EVF are reasonably affordable (I'll be happy if the camera alone comes out for $800, like the original G1X, given that lens). If so for all of those, it'll be the travel camera I've been looking for.

Enough speculation and hope - I'm really looking forward to getting final specs and reading the previews and reviews.

I do agree that the supposed lack of dials is a step backwards as I think that was some of the draw for the mark I. Deleted comp dial would be a shame.

As far as the ring around the lens, I think the ring on the outside is for manual focus and the larger ring on the inside might be the same as the s95/s100/etc. Hopefully, it at least controls the aperture and maybe some other functions depending on settings.

Would have preferred a vari-angle screen instead of just a flip up and down screen.

Glad OVF is gone as I think OVF is going the way of the dodo bird. As I said in a previous post (flame suit on), I put OVF in the same category as a manual transmission. Many old school folks prefer the OVF just like many old school folks prefer a manual transmission. Some first gen EVF were not that great just like the first gen single clutch automated manuals (they were very jerky.) Now many EVF's on the market are performing quite well with the data they provide and crisp display of the picture, it's hard to not want to use an EVF similar to how the double clutch transmissions now are so awesome that Ferrari doesn't even offer manual transmissions anymore. Ferrari said if you want a manual get over it and buy a used Ferrari. Porsche doesn't even offer it on their GT3 anymore and said you buy a GT3 to go fast and if you want to go fast, you're gonna need a double clutch. It's just the way of technology.

Or is also that many drivers in the USA and also in large emerging markets like China have never learned to drive anything other than an automatic? And since, as a result of the two largest markets not requiring manuals, the economics of just producing one type of gearbox is the deciding factor and bugger anyone who happens to enjoy the tactile experience of a manual gear change.

But back to cameras - a good OVF is still a wondrous thing to compose through, even when compared with the very best EVFs. I don't think necessarily you have to 'old school' to appreciate that. In fact if you do take the trouble to demonstrate to some 'youngsters' what it's like to view and compose through a bright and high magnification OVF invariably they think it's brilliant and become hooked.

I understand many people's reluctance in adapting and accepting new technology but the day will come when the OVF will be gone. It's only a matter of time and quite frankly, it's on borrowed time. I too used to shoot with an OVF on my old film cameras. Well, now we've all pretty much have moved onto digital cameras with a bit of old school tech still attached in the form of the OVF. Soon, the acceptance and tech of the EVF will improve to the point where people will 1. move to the EVF willingly because they see the benefit or 2. will be forced to move to the evf because the camera they want is only being offered with the EVF (to tie back to the double clutch example and Ferrari and Porsche.)

On that basis do you think binoculars will be replaced by EVF versions?

I haven't seen any electronic binoculars but I wouldn't be surprised to see a company test the market in the future not that I would care in the least bit anyways. Of course speaking about OVF and EVF and people go nuts on this forum just like talking about manual transmissions and double clutch transmission on a car forum. There will always be the "old school" snob or the person that just can't let go but there is always something to be said about technology advancing and benefiting the end user. If an EVF can properly frame your shot, show exposure, refresh at a fast enough rate to not notice refreshing, provide all of the other useful shooting data, magnify anywhere between 71% to 77%, (in the case of the new xt1) show the image on one side and the focus peaking on another side, why wouldn't you want an EVF?

Because it is sharper, provides colour and tones exactly as the eye naturally perceives them and generally is a more accurate viewing experience.

I don't disagree that an EVF can provide more exposure and other information but that's not really the point I'm making. And if in future that information could be superimposed on an optical viewfinder, rather like a head up display, then I'd be among the first to embrace that.

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