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Because you like the M.....and you said at one point this looks more like an M Pro than a G1 X II.......and what is your obsession with every other camera model in the world other than the one you happen to be talking about at the time?  The G1 X was a camera disguised as a G camera?  It's not as good as your S95?  The point is if you don't like it then it should have been something else...prettier, thinner, an M Pro, non-wifi, etc.

Anyway, all this talk is just that, talk.  Nobody knows anything yet and we don't even have decent images of it yet, just grimy snapshots.  Forums are a great place to yammer on and on endlessly, aren't they?

Marco Nero wrote:

mjdundee wrote:

G1X M2 won't win a design award - but hey, this looks like a really great photographing tool and the smaller size makes it a true successor of my beloved S95 which is fitted with Richard F.'s grip.

This is going to be a fascinating exercise by Canon. Because they need to convince the world that the 'Slow and Bulky camera that had trouble with Closeup Photography and couldn't do Macro shots without an additional lens" is now UGLIER. It might be technically superior to the last publicly unpopular offering they sent out to market disguised as a G-camera. In the 21st century, looks are everything. Most buyers won't use WiFi - and it was my experience that activating Canon WiFi it by enforcing Canon website signups ended up requiring over an hour of online computer wrangling. Horrible. Perhaps user experience varies?

The specs are very promissing - I hope that the IQ is at least as good as the G1X M1 and ads some reasonable macro ability.

I agree. They will no doubt release some "pretty" pictures where it's been lit beautifully in the studio... but design-wise it is two geometric shapes: a rectangle with a cylinder on it. I suppose that as you get smaller that you do end up using simpler designs but this is pretty basic to look at. Even the decision to remove the lens cap and apply a lens shutter to protect the glass means more complications. Why isn't the Control dial recessed? That alone makes no sense. I wonder if there will be people complaining about the lens shutter scratching the lens elements or what they might do to cripple it (eg No Raw etc)? It certainly wouldn't be the first time. First reviews by other members ought to be very interesting indeed...
As for replacing my s95... that sure isn't going to happen. It's also too thick to sit on your hip like an s95 can ... and the strap tangs now stick out on BOTH sides making it wider than the specs will admit. That alone is a bad design flaw considering the original G1X has flush strap tangs.
Ergonomics is a very important part of modern design. Canon are no longer surrounded by two or three competitors any more.  There's almost a dozen sellers competing for your dollar. Now it would seem that they are barely putting any effort in to design something beautiful and simultaneously functional. Remember that their sales will be influenced greatly by people who won't care about technical features which they won't understand. They'll see this camera in the window or in a catalog and they'll buy it for its visible appeal. Be honest: If you came across the "perfect camera" for your personal uses and yet it was as ugly as sin, you'd seriously reconsider it. In this generation, people are more often influenced more by attractive design than the benefits or function of the device. This is the secret to Apple Computers' success. But Canon seem to be cutting corners again. Let's see what else this camera offers when/if announced tomorrow. 
I'm prepared to wait and see what they're announcing and give them some leeway. I'm sure they wouldn't want to stick their necks out on a risky product in the current volatile market.

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