Suggestions on a tablet for pp? a few q's...

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Re: Suggestions on a tablet for pp? a few q's...

PVCdroid wrote:

PVCdroid wrote:

If you decide on a Android tablet, DPReview came out with this article last month on their Connect site. Photo Mate R2 is the software and it looks like a good solution for quick post processing on the road. I have been using RAW Droid and Photo Editor on my Galaxy Note 8 but will give this one a try. This would get you under $500 as a solution and a backup solution while on the road as well with your own microSD card.

I just downloaded and tried this $10 app on my Galaxy Note 8. I have my Eye-FI card set to upload both RAW and JPEG to the tablet. I was just playing around with the features and it is very similar to Lightroom. Adjustments are quick and results are immediate which is important, especially working with NEX-7 raw or JPEG files. You can save the developed RAW file out to JPEG for sending off in an email or posting to your social site. XMP sidecar files can be saved for import to LR retaining your adjustments although I haven't had a chance to try this yet. Very slick! The RAM recommendation is 2GB so keep this in mind if you are planning an Android tablet purchase.

I was looking at the galaxy Note series, so I appreciate your input on it, and on Android (not too many people have posted about it). Does the note 8 let you work on the photo side by side with the original file? and do you find working on the 8" screen restrictive; do you think 10" would be more comfortable?

Do you like the stylus?


Using the photo mate r2 app, you can view the original photo alongside your developed one. You can also expand the image using your fingers. Editing the raw photo is non destructive. I'm glad I looked into this today and downloaded it. The 8 inch is perfect for me and not restrictive. The screen is bright and colors are superb.It fits in my bag easily. Getting a large tablet while having a laptop seemed kind of redundant to me. I don't intend to use the tablet for all post processing and just when I'm out for quick viewing, development, sending to Google+ or sending an email occasionally. I'll also use it to tag/rate photos when on the road. The stylus is handy and I've been using it to adjust sliders on the new app. It provides more precision than your finger. It's kind of fun for doodling, drawing as well in other apps. I've tried the handwriting recognition app from Samsung and with practice could get it to work efficiently but it's a bit klougy for routine use. The stylus will also invoke the menu and return buttons below the screen which many don't. Loaded with my games/apps on 16GB Wi-Fi note 8, I'm only using a little over half the available internal storage memory. My 64gb micro sd card is where I'm storing photos, music and videos so I don't think you would need the 32gb version. The important spec is ram in my opinion and the Notes have 2gb.

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