Struggling with D7100

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chary zp wrote:

nfpotter wrote:

chary zp wrote:

It means that in artificial light the camera is faulty, because it doesn't PDAF properly, while "my friend's D90" works well...

Um, HUH?

Yeah, you were more tired that I was, weren't you? In the same situation D90 worked twice OK and D7100 failed twice. That's what I'd call a faulty PDAF. Now imagine I took my D7100 and gave my D90 to a friend and went shooting the same scene. Who'd get better pictures?

What you're not getting is that with the set-up and examples you're using, you HAVE NOT covered all your bases, to ensure that you're always getting the most accurate focus. Mako did not suggest it IS a mirror adjustment needed, he simply pointed out yet another factor (thanks, Mako) that COULD come into play.


Today, outside it is sunny and the room is quite nice lit. The test wall (a door actually) is in the shade though, but we can say that PDAF is NOT working under artificial light deep under 5000°K. The shots were assisted by flash to provide enough light for short enough shutter, but AF was achieved under NATURAL light.

D7100 / D90 + 18-105 @ 18 24 35 50 70 mm shot at 50xFL

Images are always D90 - D7100@0 - D7100@-8, resized to match D90 and cropped 1:1 from OOC JPG.

What a terrible surprise, fine tune at -8 worked for all tested FLs and untuned camera was performing exceptionally poorly. Now imagine this is the same case of the OP's D7100 and his lenses. Would not it be nice if fine tune actually helped him as it helped me?

nfpotter never said that might not be the case...He said AF tuning will not universally be the fix (paraphrasing, sorry if I got it wrong)

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