Why does DPR take an interest in mobile photography?

Started Feb 10, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Why does DPR take an interest in mobile photography?
Feb 10, 2014

Why does DPR take an interest in mobile photography?

Recently, DPR established the Connect site to report on the quality of cameras in mobile devices. This was a surprise to me. As an enthusiast, I would expect DPR to focus on the enthusiast which is the core customer base of DPR.

Possibly, 20% of the users produce 80% of the traffic.

Should resources be diverted to Connect? Or, concentrate all resources to produce better and quicker camera reviews?

For example, Imaging Resource has already put up a substantial GH4 First Impressions.

First, DPR is a for-profit business dependent on advertisement revenues. The recent huge drops in compact camera sales means that there must be fewer hits on the site. Less hits means less revenue from advertisers.

One legitimate and obvious solution is to follow the money. That is, the Connect site follows the customers who opted for camera phones instead of compact cameras.

The problem is that Connect merely reviews the photographic output of the phones. While mobility and technology sites provide a full review of communications, apps and photography. Does Connect actually provide any value to the industry?

Here's the important thing. DPR has good access to the camera brands and a network of contacts in the camera industry. Does Connect have the same with the phone manufactures, apps developers and mobility pundits?

Second, does Connect provide any significant value to DPR enthusiasts? Do we buy phones on the basis of aesthetics, functionality, and price? Or because we want the best mobile camera for the occasional snapshot?

Are we interested in sticking add-ons to enhance zoom?

Third, do phone owners socialize like camera enthusiasts do? Instagram is popular. But, do they form social clubs as owners of Canikon, Sony, Oly, Pentax, Leica do? Is Connect the right forum?

Finally, DPR (and its owner Amazon.com) must have a customer matrix. Showing the proportion of casual traffic to repeat users. I would presume that the frequent flyers in the forums generate a lot of traffic.

Could these frequent flyers be better served by better reviews and articles. To be honest, I used to read the DRP reviews from cover to cover. These days, I pay more attention to DxO, Imaging Resource etc and even CNET.

As a cautionary point, look at the enthusiasm over MILC. It's cool to be trendy, but expectations have not been met. Investments have been made and several brands have bet their future on MILC. Object lesson.

There's something to be said for the discipline of success. Focus, focus, focus. Know your core customers. Continuous improvement. Listen to your loyal customers.

Thanks for listening to my rant. Your turn now.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4
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