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Re: Where is the art in street photography?
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HappyVan wrote:

Where is the art in street photography?

Let me take the opportunity to comment on a major issue of street photography. By tradition, street photography (ala Eugene Atget) is objective and documentary.

Yet, the photographer must infuse his visions and intentions into his pictures. From this, comes the drama, humanity and wit of the pictures we love.

A crucial part of this synthesis lies in the details you choose to include in your masterpiece. It will reflect on your situational awareness and values.

This is what I look for. That there is a mind behind the camera.

hehehe ...he's talking about me. (grin).

I/250th of a millisecond and ignited like the spark from the strike of a match somewhere in the dark. Somewhere deep in the neural network in the tightly packed tangle is the instantaneous response to the moment, an ignited neuron sparking an action as fast as any star in the sky and across wiring enough to connect your head to the moon. A presynaptic neuron releases a code, a timed sequence of pulses called a spike train and ahead of it the Mylar track has been cleared as if a signal has been switched to divert all other thoughts.
Your eyes turn slightly upward and away from the task at hand, you are focused on nothing in space and you stand in an odd silence as though your feet are planted in the eye of a hurricane. A silent alarm grows steadily louder and louder as more neurons are ignited, broadcasting the memories and experiences of a hundred lifetimes that were never yours. Your skin is dry but you feel it from the inside, your eyes are wide but your vision is inward, your heart is racing but your body is still. The speeding train of thought flashes by and suddenly you are released back into space and time by a force that moves your life forward …as if struck by an idea.

ɹǝpun uʍop puɐl ǝɥʇ ɯoɹɟ

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