Canon doesn't really care anymore...

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I saw that article, and understood it differently.

David_C wrote:

First, I own and use Canon,

per analyses Canon's financial reports

"Analysts who attended the financial results meeting in Tokyo and who cover Canon seem a bit non-plussed, with several remarking about how blasé Canon appears about the lack of unit volume growth in cameras. None of the countermeasures mentioned in their presentations really addresses the declining unit volumes in cameras. Instead Canon now is talking about more medical sales for imaging (last year it was more security camera sales as the growth prospect). Every indication is that Canon regards cameras as a fully mature market and is managing it as such."

If you read the whole article, you will note the camera division at Fuji is also a very small percentage of the total company, the same as Canon. But it sure seems to me that Fuji is letting their engineers loose at coming up with new products and firmware.

For example, Canon could very simple add the magic lantern hacks to existing cameras, but they don't.

I read this article the day it was posted, and did not see anything to make me think that Canon "does not care." Japanes corporate culture is very difficult to understand, but I believe they do care about making money over the long term. Canon cannot make money if nobody buys their products, and I think they know this. The 5D Mark III, 6D, and SL1 are indications Canon is doing quite well. (The 70D has not captured my attention, as I am not susceptible to falling in love with video, so I do not know, one way or the other.) Photokina will be in September 2014, and interesting things may be introduced by then.

Yes, I do become frustrated with Canon. Being a dual-platform shooter, both Canon and Nikon, I am more frustrated with Nikon, regarding DSLR bodies. (This may be just as well, for my budget!) I am actually quite pleased, however, with my two new 600EX-RT Speedlites, and new SB-910 Speedlight; 2013 was my year to upgrade flashguns, and add a high-quality compact camera, so it is just as well there were no DSLR bodies with features to tempt me. 2014 may well be my year for a third 600EX-RT, and one or a few carefully-considered lenses, and attending more training events. My exisiting camera bodies are actually performing quite well; there is no rush.

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