Canon doesn't really care anymore...

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Re: Canon doesn't really care anymore...
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BTW, just in 2013, Canon has introduced 2 revolutionary cameras: the SL1, the smallest dSLR ever (cheap and excellent for its size selling extremely well in Japan) and the 70d with the dual pixels and the video autofocus (with STM lenses)

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The SL1 and the 70D are hardly revolutionary cameras.
Maybe nice... but far from groundbreaking.

You may be right about SL1. I think the 70D is the only DSLR other than medium frame that has 40 million photodiodes. I would have liked them to put that capability to better use, but still groundbreaking.

The PDAF ability is groundbreaking. Putting in 40 million 'photodiodes' less so, in its own right.

I agree with that, but PDAF is mainly useful for video. I would have preferred they apply that proven ability to 30Mp at 9 fps without PDAF. Maybe that will come with 7DII.

I'm not sure they can do 30MP at 9FPS. They can do 18 at 12 (raw) which is 216MP/s with two DIGICs, 30 at 9 would be 270MP/s.

Here is something I wrote a while back:

I got no meaningful response at that time. Interested in what you think of it.

I wouldn't believe Canon's marketing stuff about how fast one DIGIC is over another, it depends on what it's doing. If it was that fast, they wouldn't have needed three in the 1D X.

It is a puzzle why three were needed in the 1D X, maybe lens corrections and other functions. I do not rely on Canon's marketing on DIGIC, but 70D performance.

Here is part of what I said in that link:

"For each frame, all of the photodiodes must be sampled and each pair combined for the final output. That is 40M x 7 fps = 280 megasamples per second available to the processor. Near double the rate for 7D."

It does that with one processor, sorts the data for the DP PDAF output and does AF. With dual processors, separate AF processor, and no need for sorting DP PDAF output, 30Mp and 9 fps should be easy for 7DII.

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