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Richardcn wrote:

Hi all

I struggled with the problem of how to process and store my images using (almost) only my iPad for some months but I was determined to use my 50th birthday present for what it was intended (by my better half). I quickly found out that there was no easy solution, especially as everybody has differing requirements but I got there in the end so I thought, having thoroughly tested the system, that I really ought to share my technique in the hope that it might benefit somebody out there 😊.

Ok let me warn you from the off, this is no simple process! BUT it does achieve all my aims and you may be able to tailor the system to suit your needs. In fact, as I haven't looked at how I might streamline my system in a good few months now, you may have some ideas for me!

iPad 2 16Gb jailbroken iOS 5.1.1

Camera Connection Kit (CCK not apple)

Network Drive (a cheap external hard drive for back-up connected to an old router used as a 'switch' on my wireless network)

Apps & Tweaks:






Dropbox (requires free account)




I told you it wasn't simple!

I'll try to keep this bit as simple as possible so I will reply to any queries.

Transfer from SD card to iPad using CCK

Review and sort out 'keepers'

Enable Insomnia if you're going to be transfering lots of images and leaving the iPad (so that processing continues after the screen has timed-out).

Enable Backgrounder on certain Apps (so that you can do other things on the iPad whilst processing continue in the background).

Using iFile COPY from the Photos 'All Imported' folder to Dropbox (create a similarly named folder there).

Using FileBrowser copy from Dropbox to Network Drive (create a similar named folder).

Using Photogene etc edit images as required and save to Camera Roll.

Using PhotosInfoPro tag (keywords), rate (stars) and geotag (location) images in Camera Roll. Then export images, using the 'Master + XMP' option in the App, to Dropbox.

In Dropbox there is a PIPro folder (once you have linked the Apps), move the images from the newly auto-created folder for those images to a Dropbox folder you have created (I use 'Edited Masters'). Delete empty folder.

Using FileBrowser copy images to a seperate folder on the Network Drive.

In PIPro export again to Dropbox using the JPEG option (you need to select the quality/size within the App settings beforehand).

In Dropbox move images from the PIPro folder to a folder you create named 'Sortshots Copies'. Delete the empty folder.customer service skills for success,hr manager job description,consulting internships,it strategy template,pacific market research ,android programming language,qualities of a leader,D&P,DNP,dandp

Using iFile copy images into Sortshots library. Open Sortshots, wait a while, refresh and your images will appear tagged, rated and geotaged!

You can now delete the originals in All Imported and edited copies in Camera Roll. If you have got your PIPro export settings right you should have room for thousands of images on the iPad (in Sortshots) that are fully viewable and searchable with originals backed up (twice) in case you need to re-edit, the full size edited version also available (in 2 locations) should you need to print or share and all of the (minimally sized) Sortshots versions available in case of database loss or corruption. It does appear (is!) long-winded but it gives me what I need and once you get used to the system and how to minimise the time spent in each stage it's not that bad (or it doesn't seem that way now). Paperless helps to list the steps with self written tips and allows you to tick off each step as you go (for older brains like mine anyway)!

All thoughts welcome please 😊



amzing , big thanks

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