NEX 3N with kit lens or stick with my Panasonic LX7 - please help

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I have not slogged through the 3 pages of this thread so if this has been covered I apologize:

I have an S100 (similar size sensor, crappier lens) and a 3n (and a K-01 and a T2i).

You'll see a lot of chatter here about high ISO low light noise etc.

Those may all be true but for me the biggest difference in between the small and larger sensor is dynamic range.

In post processing I can always tell my S100 from the APS-C sensors. Even in good light. Play with the sliders in LR on the S100 RAW output and often not a lot of good happens. Blown out clouds stay blown out and the shadow detail is still @ss. But on the bigger sensors there can be so much detail in the shadows and in the highlights. Clouds pop out, and you can rescue cr@ppy backlit or improperly exposed photos.

TLDR: If you don't PP, rely on SOC jpegs, don't bother with the upgrade.

The IQ of sony kit pz lens is cr@p (compared to a cheap prime such as canon or pentax's 40mm). BUT it's a great size with a great range and you can get some nice IQ out but it takes some work. 
One of the issues with sony is the lack of decent cheap lenses. There's no $80 canon thrifty/nifty 50 or the Nikon 35mm F1.8 or anything like my $149 canon 40mm or kit pentax 40mm or even cheap zooms like my  $144 Canon 55-250. (prices I paid new YMMV)  For really cheap you need to go with a 3rd party lens (with mixed reviews) and the sony lenses are either meh (16mm F2.8) or pricey (or pricey and meh if your believe the bad reviews).

Good luck with whatever you decide. If you go the 3n or other APS-C sensor route, realize you may have to do some work to get much better results than your LX-7.

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