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Christoph Stephan
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Re: why not for Pentax?...indeed very sad
In reply to Jim Funston, 5 months ago

Jim Funston wrote:

Personally I started this game back in the early 60's when the old school users back then were fighting having a battery in their cameras. Been through a amazing near half a century of technological advancements. Many I fought; some I embraced, but, as far as a picture taking tool and its resulting ease of use and IQ today's technology delivers literally blows away the tools we had back then. One such line in the sand many made was the EVF's vs OVF's. I adopted early into this technology by buying a A1 digital KM and then the A33. Both were very rough and really maybe not ready for the marketplace but very quickly I could see the EVF's advantages. My a77 got a much better EVF but as you said iso noise above 400 really sucked. Now my a99 has a even much better EVF than the 77 and it also has good high iso performance and is a camera one can just pickup and shoot and not have to think about limitation or workarounds for inherent issue. I really enjoy this body, the FF format, and it reminds me of my old film cameras in its no BS functionality. It does everything I want a camera to do when I want it.

The EVF does have it's advantages, such as this focus peaking facility, of significance also because some useful features, like split prism screens, have gone (you can buy and install them, but then other functions, like AF indicators, might be curtailed), Another advantage is the use for infrared and UV photography, as they allow you to see the final picture though the finder, even when wavelength invisible to the human eye are used.

This would allow the construction of a camera with exchangeable filters either in front of the sensor or in front of the lens, one for UW, one for visible light, and a set for IR (>630nm, >670nm, > 700nm, > 830nm), offering maximum versatilty within only one camera.

Strangely, none of the mirrorless manufacturers, neither Snoy, Olympus and Panasonic so fart seems to have pounced upon this so far biggest advantage of this technology.

The OVF has its advantages, too. The most notable is NIL power consumption, and that one is here to stay. So is its speed advantage, as no electronics, however fast, can reach the speed of light. An advantage particularly relevant for the Tamron 150-600mm, were speed is important for Bird-in-flight and aircraft photography.

(On a sindenote these types of photography are done outdoors, where the lower weight and weather-sealing of Pentax-SLRs does come in very handy)

But, there will be more lines in the sand with the old school fighting technological advancements in the future just as there have been for as long as I can remember. It just seems to be part of this game and unavoidable. I have gotten to the point I do not try and persuade others in any direction and just do what I think is best for me. So far with the exception of Polarvision and Betamax I have done better moving forward than having a death grip on my current levels of technology.

If you are happy with it, fine. OVFs and EVF have existed alongside now for quite some time. For the reasons I oppose the view of OVF just as "Old school" to be gone in a few years, and like my SLRs with OVF for the reasons stated above. High battery power consumption is a pain in many modern devices.

And sometimes the old school was right. Some useful features have gone, such as IR-markings on lenses and depth of field inidcantions on focus distance scales on lenses - only my Sigma 12-24mm still has it.

I foresee the a77 being a perfect match for the 150-600mm in good light and will probably find a permanent home on the back of this lens till it no longer functions.

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