Canon doesn't really care anymore...

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Re: Canon doesn't really care anymore... three points....

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I notice mobile phones eating into compact cameras, so the S90 was a great innovation, but now after 2012, Canon must do more with their PowerShot S110 etc, and get a 13 mm sensor out like the Sony RX100.

Just how well are mirrorless ILC's doing? Growth, but not much? So that's probably why the two big boys Canon and Nikon leave the mirrorless ILC to the smaller players like Sony and Olympus etc, and also because they have to manufacture a whole new range of compact lenses to match the compact mirrorless ILC bodies, and the compact lenses are compromised in itself.

dSLR's still the real thing, and mobile phones can't do much to affect dSLR sales.

Except that as mobile phones meet the expectations of new generations of young photographers there may be less and less incentive for those younger users to ever consider the need to move up to DSLRs (or mirrorless). So in the longer term a large enthusiast segment becomes a smaller one. The impact of a smaller enthusiast market on manufacturers may be to produce fewer DSLR models at higher prices.

This is the same as someone in the past arguing that point and shoot cameras would get so good that no one would want to move up to a dSLR. High end P&S cameras are much better than today's cellphones, yet they never made a dent in dSLR sales.

When DSLR sales (and before DSLRs the sales of SLRs) were expanding it was hard to determine whether P&S cameras were having an affect on SLR type cameras or not. But when SLRs were declining, as they did cyclically in the late '80s and again in the late '90s, many in the industry suspected that it was the increased quality and ease of use of compact cameras that was partially to blame. That and the fact that the 'innovation' in SLRs had to an extent plateaued. History is simply repeating its self now with DSLRs.

If anything high end P&S cameras and cellphone cameras act as a gateway to dSLR cameras. As long as people continue to believe it is the equipment and not the photographer, dSLR sales are secure.

We might like to think this is the case. As long as people desire to progress to become enthusiasts then cameras like the DSLR may be secure. However if the younger generations start to perceive that enthusiasts only exist in the territory occupied by old men and nerds', then maybe not.

On the positive side, compacts and dSLR's are eroding the sales of compact camcorders, so 70D's dual pixel technology is great, and Nikon must really catch up...

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