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b traven
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Re: Orwell, Kipling et alia
In reply to fad, Feb 8, 2014

fad wrote:

b traven wrote:

Orwell, as I'm sure you know--you being an expert on this as well as, apparently, every other subject--was gravely injured in Spain in '37. It obviously affected his faculties.

I honestly know next to nothing about Orwell's life, so I checked what you said on Wikipedia, to benefit from your knowledge and learn something.

The year he published the Kipling essay was the year he began writing Animal Farm. It is my opinion it is the book that defines the last century.

Oh well. I'm sure there are important reasons to contradict whatever I might say. But how am I to profit from what you say, if disagreement with me becomes automatic and mechanical.

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You have a very good point.

Do you have trouble finding a hat to fit it?

Okay, okay, that was cheesy and low-rent, a little below the belt, and for that I sincerely apologize... I just couldn't resist. Mea culpa.

But, honestly Frank, you do go on a bit. Let's dissect this sub-thread, shall we?

1) 4G63 posts a pic of the inside of military transport plane. No commentary just the pic and a very brief caption identifying it. A very nice pic, by the way.

2) The next guy admires it, contributes a useful suggestion then asks about the poster.

3) 4G63 posts an appreciative reply and answers the query.

4) The second guy replies in kind with another brief appreciative comment.

5) Here's where we start to go off the rails. You post a reply with a link to a poem--more of a compound-complex limerick actually--by Kipling that has nothing really to do with the pic or 4G63's situation, but is a response to post 4 by guy #2.

6) I post a sarcastic comment about the Kipling thing and BANG!, we're off to the races!

7) In response to my bit of cheesy snark, you post a reply that starts out by subtly denigrating the "ordinary intellelectual (sic)", then drags in Norman Rockwell--not to be confused with His Eminence Ken--doubles back to Rudyard Kipling, then over to a specific but unmentioned reference to a T.S.Eliot essay and thence to Mr. Orwell in a review of the unnamed Eliot essay. Followed by a link to the Orwell piece and 422 words, most of which are quotes from Orwell's essay you'd already linked to but which, I presume, you assumed the reader would consign to the TL;DNR pit and wanted to make sure that each and every one of the 422 were inflicted on the poor, suffering Ordinary Intellelectual (sic) reader. Let's do a bit of totting up, shall we: 422 words, references to 2 poets, a painter, and a writer. Whew *browswipe*, I'm bushed already. But we're not done yet, are we?

8) We're treated to another post that drags Yeats into it, as if to further buttress an argument the poor reader has probably lost track of by now. Then four links, one of which is to some more Kipling doggerel then three versions of said doggerel being read, one of which, I might add, included music by the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra. The TASMANIAN SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA, WTF? Followed by instructions on how to read the Kipling thing correctly, with a bit of ill-concealed snark of your own, which, I might add, got me a little fired up... "y'all". Up to that point I was pretty much on my way to becoming "Like a patient etherized upon a table", while we're throwing around poetical references. Okay, we're pretty far down the rabbit hole here, but we're not done yet.

9) We now get yet another post, this time a 283 word aside to another denizen of this thread, referencing some most likely long-forgotten-by-all-but-you exchange about some other pic entirely. A post that mentions Orwell, Kipling and, once again Yeats--what Yeats has to do with any of this is beyond me. Keep in mind that we now have near 800 words from you, with references to writers, painters and poets, by nary a mention of 4G63's pic or the quality thereof. But wait, there's more...

10) I post a bit more snark about "academic twaddle" and, just stir things up a bit, a personal jibe laced with some trivia about Orwell. How on earth a man that considers "Animal Farm" a defining book, a well-educated and, dare I say it, a somewhat strongly opinionated man, can not know about that author's conversion epiphany in Catalonia is beyond me, but I digress. We only have one more little dip into the muck here at the bottom of the rabbit hole and we're done:

11) You post a slightly defensive reply to my post above, along with a dismissive comment disguised as a rhetorical question implying that my responses to you are reflexive disagreement with YOU. But there you're wrong. They are a reflexive response to elitist pomposity. So we have 800 or so words and nary a comment about 4G63's pic. Hmmm...

See, it's one thing to read and pontificate about the suffering of the soldiers and others, the guys on the assembly lines and in the kitchens, down in the mines and on the garbage trucks, the lumpen proletariat, if you will; it's another matter entirely to actually BE "Down and Out in London and Paris" or on "The Road to Wigan Pier". To experience the deprivation and depravity of poverty viscerally as opposed to intellectually.

Frank, sometimes it feels like you use your education like a cudgel, not like the bright, enlightening torchlight it could be, it should be.

Oh, one other thing while I'm at: you take some really, REALLY good pics and that site of yours it first rate, there's stuff there that just grabs and holds my ignorant, ill-educated attention.

But I would like to make one tiny comment about that Washington Square pic. Now, remember, this is coming from a guy who has yet to take a really good photograph, one he's not embarrassed to display, a struggling neophyte if you will, so take it for what it's worth. I really like that Washington Square pic, but where's the rest of it? Try taking it again, but this time TURN THE CAMERA SIDEWAYS.

Of course, I realize that with that big-ass D4, and your advancing years, you might be having trouble getting it up. The camera, that is.

Have a nice day. This has been fun.

P.S. We have more in common that you would ever suspect.

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