Canon doesn't really care anymore...

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Re: Canon doesn't really care anymore...

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If you read the whole article, you will note the camera division at Fuji is also a very small percentage of the total company, the same as Canon. But it sure seems to me that Fuji is letting their engineers loose at coming up with new products and firmware.

Incorrect! Fuji's camera sales are just under 2% of the company. Canon's doesn't break it the same way but Canon's imaging is around 40% of the company.

Canon is right now concentrating on the profitable cameras with "healthy growth" (Canon's wording) the 70d and the 5dMk3...

BTW, just in 2013, Canon has introduced 2 revolutionary cameras: the SL1, the smallest dSLR ever (cheap and excellent for its size selling extremely well in Japan) and the 70d with the dual pixels and the video autofocus (with STM lenses)

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People have a way of completely discounting cameras that they personally have no interest in if they don't include some new useless sensor (read: everything Fuji does) that makes them think something neat and exciting is going on. Just because some people didn't care about DP PDAF in the 70D or the size of the SL1 or the new market segement introduced by the G1 X they think that nobody should care about those advances.

While I do not care about DP PDAF in the 70D, I do care about those advances. It means that without DP PDAF, they can produce a 40Mp, 7 fps 7DII or 30Mp, 9 fps. Their sensor fab has advanced to a higher level.

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