Selling the XE2 way too slow for me.

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Ed B
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Re: Selling the XE2 way too slow for me.
In reply to afragisk, Feb 7, 2014

afragisk wrote:

But back on topic, as you rightly say, there really is no shutter lag. With modern cams such as these Fujis, for practical purposes, it doesn't exist.

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Rich S (britcam)

I agree. I've never really noticed "shutter lag" on the X-E1.

Do you guys shoot toddlers running around the house or have facial expressions that can sometimes last less than 0.05 secs ? Since the shutter lag is 0.05 secs, it simply means that from the time you press the button to the time the picture is taken, the facial expression has gone away.

I've own an X100, X100S, XE-2 (and before that canons) so I at least have a pretty good idea of what I'm talking about. Going from X100 to X100s or XE-2 was a big step that keeps me at least happy. But there is still some way to go and saying it's not problem under any circumstance is simple not true IMHO.

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I can't speak for the X100 or X100s. They're compact cameras and I think they have a leaf type shutter located in the lens. I don't know if they have shutter lag or not.

Every action has some type of lag; even when turning on a light there is a lag between the electrical switch closing a contact and the light coming on but that lag is so miniscule it's not noticeable and is unimportant to most people.

So, yes, the X-E1/X-E2 cameras do, technically, have a shutter lag but that lag is miniscule and probably no different than any camera with a mechanical shutter. Even if your figure of 0.05 sec is correct, do you realize how fast that is?

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