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Selling the XE2 way too slow for me.

Started Feb 7, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Ed B
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Re: Selling the XE2 way too slow for me.
In reply to britcam, Feb 7, 2014

britcam wrote:

I've had my X-E2 for about three weeks now, so am still at the testing stage, and playing around with settings etc. I can tell you that this thing locks focus in almost any low light, for instance in my living room lit with a single 60w table lamp on the opposite side of the room ...

I use mostly the smallest focus rectangle and single point with focus recompose, but always hit something with a bit of contrast. If that is done, there is practically no delay in acquiring rapid focus.


When people talk about the cameras not locking focus in low light I always wonder just how low the light is that they're talking about.

I think some of these people have never owned a Fuji and many of them are point & shoot users who need to simply break down and spend several thousand dollars on a top-of-the-line Canon or Nikon full frame DSLR and a couple of fast primes to get the performance they expect but even then, most of them would have complaints.

I have an X-E1 camera. Is it a professional camera? No. Does it's autofocus system track fast moving objects as well as a good DSLR? No (but some entry level DSLR's aren't very good either).

I don't know how "fast" the X-E2 is but even the X-E1 is good enough for anything except fast moving subjects and the X-E1 has no problems locking on focus in low light (virtually no light may be a different matter).

If people say they have a problem with shutter lag then they may need to either exchange their defective camera or learn what shutter lag actually is.

Half press the shutter to obtain focus---then finish depressing the shutter button to take a picture. If the shutter doesn't open immediately, after the final press of the shutter button, you have shutter lag.

Shutter lag, on an X-E1 is basically Zero (0). Shutter lag on most cameras, with a mechanical shutter, is almost nonexistent.

People who talk about shutter lag are point & shoot "experts".

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