Should I upgrade to XT1 from XE1?

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Re: Should I upgrade to XT1 from XE1?
In reply to bobvarakrit, Feb 7, 2014

bobvarakrit wrote:

Ok guys, need your inputs here. Currently I have Fuji XE1 with 35mm, 18-55 and 55-200mm. I am looking to invest into the system by buying more lens in the future. I am like a lot of you guys who move from 5DMK2 because they are so heavy. Pictures I like to take are my 1.5 years old baby, landscape, portraits, animals, little bit of street, and well, pretty much of everything. I plan to print my favorite pictures and out them up at my home. The biggest will most likely be around 20x30.
The biggest gripe I have with XE1 is of course auto focus speed, shutter lag, and also evf. I must admit, though, that I have not read the manual. And i have not really used XE1 to its maximum capability. I'm sure that I would be able to miss less captured moments if i learn how to use it more. However, i might be going to japan for vacation at the end of this month. And I dont really want to miss a thing when I go there. japan is a very beautiful country and I want to be ready, gear wise at least.
Problem is i dont want to carry my 5d with 16-35, 50mm, 100 macro, and what not. I did that last time but i dont want to do it this time. So my dilemma is should I buy XT1? Do you think it would be an upgrade? I havent have much time with XE2 when they come out so i dont really know how much of an improvement it is over XE1. Can those of you who made an upgrade from XE1 to XE2 or XT1 (have played around with) chime in your finding on this topic please?

In Thailand we cant really buy and return product. The most we can do is play around in the store, which i cant really tell if it's working better or not in real life situation.

thank you for your comments and feedbacks.

If you don't know enough about a camera you currently own to be able to use it efficiently, how will buying a new camera help? Seems to me you'd be even less prepared with the new camera. You're best option at this point, IMO, is to spend as much time as you can with your X-E1 and your manual, and practice changing the settings for the functions you might want to be changing while you're on you're trip to Japan.

People like to think the reason we miss so many of the images we wish we could capture is because we don't have the right equipment. That's the myth we create for ourselves; and companies that manufacture and market photographic equipment are only all too happy to feed those myths with marketing hype.

The fact is, the X-E2 offers only an incremental improvement over the X-E1. There's a reason that Fuji put it out there; and there's a reason Fuji didn't put an X-Pro2 out there with the same small changes. The X-E2 packs into the old body a few new features, a slight adjustment in button layout, and the X Trans2 / EXR-2 sensor/processor combination. All those things do not offer any significant improvement in Image Quality.

In the USA and Canada, Fuji is providing discounts on their photo equipment purchased new through dealers. On Feb. 9th, the existing XF Lenses go on sale for approximately $200 off the retail price. I haven't heard anything about similar discounts in Thailand or SE Asia, but at those prices I'd be trying to find a way to take advantage of that to build my lens collection up and wait until later to consider upgrading to a newer body style.

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