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M Charles Joseph
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Re: carry over last thread / xtoph
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Listen xtoph, regarding your continuing personal attack on both me and my Haleakala image, lets put this to rest shall we? In the first place, I was standing there and you weren't. If I tell you this was a straight on level shot, it was. Your continuing persecution of me as if I were trying to deceive someone is pathetic. Im not a newbie. Why would I do that? Reverse psychology suggests that's one of your game plans.

I'm not a scientist. If I mentioned it was curvature of the earth that's because that's what I thought it was. If you correct the entire image to "level" that "horizon" line, the subject in the comforter would be listing at a 30* angle as would the wall. Honestly, I'm not that dense.

I am willing to bank a 30 year professional photograpgy career and reputation on the truthfulness of the statements I have made here. The fact that you'd rather debate with false and malicious innuendo says more about you than me. Have you ever sold a shot? You got any skin to put in this game?

btw, I'm still waiting for those breathtaking underwater images from far off lands I couldn't possibly imagine. I put up four. Still waiting for yours.

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