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Re: Thom on Nikon's unanswered questions...
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Bajerunner wrote:

yray wrote:

Tony Beach wrote:

That comes down to per pixel sharpness though. If the pixels are sharp, it doesn't take very many of them; if the pixels aren't sharp then no matter how many you have it won't help.


I picked the D4 number. Why is 16 MP adequate to a lot of pros? One reason is that it's actually not easy to get more than 12 MP of resolution, you have to get very accurate focus, and you need to use very fast shutter speeds or use a tripod and MLU. In Thom Hogan's D3x review he went into this quite a bit showing how hard it was to meaningfully resolve more than he was getting from the D3.


These are some of the very good reasons why D800 is too much of a good thing for me. I suspect it is also too much of a good thing for a whole lot of others, whether they admit it or not.

It really comes down to what you shoot and how you shoot it. I suspect that a lot of "big croppers" for instance fall into the category of shooters who don't habitually get very sharp pixels. So, they may not benefit from the extra pixels all that much after all.

Not really, the big advantage of strong cropping is really reach for wildlife or action, it actually saves money on lenses, with an 80-200 2.8 one can still do a lot if crop ability is there.

Yes, but if you have mushy pixels or blurred pixels, then cropping will expose more mush and blur. You have to have a sharp picture to be able to crop. I have seen plenty of Fuji S5 photos which look sharper than D7000 photos, and certainly much sharper than cropped D7000 photos. I have seen D700 photos which look way sharper than D800 photos. Just look at your own D300 shots, even taken with the same lens. Do they really all have the same resolution. I know the answer to that -- they don't, not even close, and it depends on the host of environmental factors and how those shots were taken. If you talk about cropping from a perfect shot taken with no vibrations or motion blur of any kind, with AF perfectly nailed, and assuming the lens resolves what a 36MP FX or 24MP DX camera is capable of -- then you're right. But in reality, perfect shots are not common unless you're shooting from a tripod, or in excellent light with very high shutter speeds. There is also any number of threads, user reviews, etc of D800 complaining of inability to take a sharp picture due to mirror slap and such, which forces higher shutter speeds, which forces higher ISO, which cuts into DR and resolution.

Just as much as buying a 300 2.8 on a lower MR camera, albeit the additional optical quality of the uber expensive 300 2.8 is another matter.

And, one can move lighter, if that 'reach via crop' (when needed) is there.

It will not be used all the time, but the availability of the crop is very useful in some instances.

Yes, in some instances.

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