Lens stolen while camera is around photographers neck...video

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Lens stolen while camera is around photographers neck...video
2 months ago

Here is a video where the lens is stolen while its around the photographers neck.


There are a few things to note in this video.  The thieves work in a group and there are at least 3 people in on it.  Cardboard is used to hide what is going on.  Seems like a lot of these guys like to use cardboard.

The moral of the story is that when traveling don't let anyone get close.  If an individual approaches you with questions or trying to help keep them back and keep moving in the opposite direction.  If one person approaches and gets close, then probably their buddies will suddenly swarm in like this video.

I know it sounds a bit cold to shoo away someone who "just wants to help" or "needs directions", but thats the safest possible solution.  The moment someone approaches you put your hand up and walk in the opposite direction quickly (and try not to walk into their buddies).

In another thread about Italy I talked about my adventures with potential thieves who I did not give a chance to get close to me.  There was the:

1)  The man who wanted badly to see my hotel reservation.  I said no thank you and walked away.  He continued to follow me and I ducked into a tourist center.  He finally cleared the area after 15 minutes.

2)  The woman on the train platform who wanted to "help me with my bags".  I said no and walked away.  She continued to shadow me and seemed to have a male buddy who was shadowing her.  This woman did not have luggage or shoulder bags or tickets in hand. When the train pulled out, I saw her trolling the station as I looked out the window.  Apparently, this wasnt her train.

3)  A bunch of youths who crowded me on the subway train.  After about a second or two I jumped back, but somehow they were holding on to my bag.  Fortunately, I got out of the tangle.

4)  The woman in gypsy clothing who approached me wanting money.  Having been briefed by the many youtube videos about gypsy women at train stations I was cautious, told her to go away and quickly distanced myself.

I dont want to make it seem like Italy was the only place that this foolery takes place.  In Jamaica, a man approached me asking if I remembered him.  He said he was the waiter from the resort, but I was staying at a hostel.  In the Dominican Republic, there was another man who seemed to latch on to me and wanted him to be the tour guide.

I guess I could rattle on and on my different stories.  Knock on wood, I have not been victimized yet.  I do enjoy all the places I go to and keeping the petty thieves at bay is all part of the fun of foreign travel.

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