35mm F2.0D and DX 35mmF1.8G

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35mm F2.0D and DX 35mmF1.8G

This is a query for those that are using or have used both lenses. I am not trying to resurrect the "which is better or sharper" debate and yes I have read that thread here. I understand also, that many do not consider the 35mm F2.0D one of Nikon's better performers. This is query is more about if there is value in owning both, and not about which is "better."

I currently shoot a D90 and D300s. I have an AF-S DX 35mm F1.8G. I am very happy with its sharpness. Bokeh is decent enough for that focal length. I find the color a bit flat as compared to most AF-D lenses, though it is probably fairly accurate. Especially in close-up shots there is mild distortion that can be somewhat noticeable in some cases.

In general, I very much prefer the rendering of the AF-D lenses for things such as people, flowers, plants, still life, etc.. There is something about them that just resonates with me....even if they are not always quite as sharp as the more modern AF-S designs. I am considering adding the 35mm F2.0D for these cases where I do not necessarily require or want a razor sharp image, but where I want that rendering. I say "add" because I would not consider this to be replacement for the 35mm F1.8G.

I am currently completely satisfied with the DX format for digital and have no immediate plans for FX. That said, never say never especially as FX prices seem to be dropping. However, I do have an N75 35mm SLR I use on occasion, mostly for B&W film and I can see some use for the 35mm F2.0D here.

So my questions is, to those of you that may be using both, do you see value in having both and find the signature AF-D rendering of this particular lens desirable enough that you would consider adding it if you already owned the AF-S version?

I do own a few other AF-D lenses such as the 24mm F2.8D, 50mm 1.4D and 24-85mm F2.8-4D. I have also been giving serious consideration to the 85mm F1.8D.

Thanks in advance,


Nikon D300S Nikon D90
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