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Re: Is this being racist....THIS is being racist.
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glasswave wrote:

peevee1 wrote:

snow4ever wrote:

Holy cr@p!

Politically correct way - call simple, statistically verifiable facts "racist", so nothing can ever be done about it.

peevee1 wrote:

glasswave wrote:

What are the reasons that blacks are disproportionally over represented in crime statistics?

Obviously because there are disproportionally more criminals among blacks.

Please verify this to be fact. It is untrue, especially when you remove socioeconomic and racial profiling factors.

52.5% of US murders are committed by blacks, only 13% of US population. Only 47.5% are thus committed by the remaining 87% of population. (52.5/13)/(47.5/87) = 7.4 - that is how on average how many more murderers among the blacks then among the rest of US population. Difference to non-Hispanic whites is even bigger, and difference to Asians is bigger yet as far as I remember.

Of course it does not make all blacks murderers (or even criminals). Again, as far as I remember, only 1 in 4 black males is ever incarcerated. Of course there are those who were never caught and/or found guilty, by I very much doubt they are in the majority or add more than a few percent to the number of criminals.

Why is that?

Because among blacks there are disproportionally more people with characteristics which make people criminal - like low IQ and sociopathy.

Again there is little objective evidence to support these claims.

There is plenty of evidence - about IQ, average for US blacks on IQ scale with standard deviation of 15 is 85, meaning that half of blacks have IQ of 85 or lower (which is pretty low), while generally only 15% of people have IQ that low. Putting another, extreme standard for low IQ - 70 (which is a threshold for a diagnosis of mental retardation), about 15% of US blacks will have that condition, while only about 2% in general.

Why is that?

Because among blacks there were disproportionally more people with characteristics which make people criminal among their parents, and the characteristics are heritable, both biologically and culturally.

Again, please offer some evidence.

Evidence is in the historical crime and IQ statistics - the gap existed for as long as the statistics goes.

Deep enough for you, or do I need to dig deeper?

You certainly need to dig deeper than, "Cause I said so."

Cause statistics found so.

Again, obviously the statistics should not be interpreted in the redneck fashion - "I am better than you because I am white and you are black", or in a dumbfck fashion - "you cite statistics and research which disproves what I was taught to believe in, you must be a vile racist with a huge bias". It is what it is, just simple statistics, it does not make anybody better or worse than they really are.

So many people are too stupid to understand that these are just numbers, maybe it is better than the facts are not widely known and some myths are promoted instead (like "whatever group of people you choose, they all have on average the same IQ" - which is a claim so extraordinary that it should be asked to be proven first). Just like with religion - many people are not advanced enough to not commit crimes without being scared of some boogeyman/hell/eternal damnation first...

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