choosing between X-T1 and Sony A7

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Re: choosing between X-T1 and Sony A7
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I could be wrong here, but I am sure I seem to remember reading that the Sony can only shoot JPG or lossy compressed RAW ?

No one knows if it is lossy. Files are smaller thank nikon using the same sensor but quality is not worse. In the end if the difference cannot be determined and quality does not suffer then who cares? Quality is still better than Fuji;-)

This is like the film 'Ghost': "...they see what they want to see..."!

The worst person to give an opinion on any given camera/lens is one that's just spent a wheelbarrow full of their own money on one IMO.

I too read the A7 test which mentions RAW files captured at 14 bits but the file recorded appears to use around 11 bits so Sony are binning RAW information! Surely that's going to hurt the ability to recover highlight and shadow information in PP? I won't even mention the jpeg processing....


Do you have any proof in terms of test result or comparison to nikon using the same sensor or it is another urban legend?

DPR A7 review states:

"From the file sizes alone, (they're fairly uniform in size, around 24MB per image, rather than the 36MB per file required by uncompressed 14-bit data) it's obvious that Sony is compressing its Raw files. Iliah Borg and Alex Tutubalin, who run the LibRaw Raw decoder project, have been analyzing Sony Raw files in considerable detail, and have shown that the 14-bit files contain essentially 11 bits of data."

I'm not saying that the A7 isn't a good camera, I think it was you that stated that "Quality is still better than Fuji;-)" but I would contest that in some ways that just might not be true. Sony for some reason decided to castrate the full ability of that sensor, whether that was to keep the body small (less processing power to cram in) or another reason is open to question. No doubt this is unpalatable to anyone who just spent hard earned cash on an A7 but doesn't mean it ain't so......


whatever the actual bit value is it is quite clear from the DPR test charts alone when compared to the Fuji X-E2 that the A7 has far more DR and resolution, when you've actually used both this becomes even more apparent

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