When do you stop trying different styles with the same image?

Started Feb 3, 2014 | Questions thread
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When do you stop trying different styles with the same image?

Just wondering. Lets say you have a great landscape shot, RAW file. So, you visualize a specific end-result more or less and start working on it in PS. Finally after some time you achieve the desired look, close or not to the original visualization is irrelevant and you save the outcome.

So what is the question, well basically the question is do you stop there? Meaning that if you end up with a pleasing result do you forget about this image and move on to the next one? Or, you say, ok lets try with Lightroom perhaps it will work better, and then lets convert it to B&W, and lets give HDR a shot as well bla bla bla...

The possibilities are endless of course. Not just by using different software, but also by re-editing the original RAW file differently in the same program. It is logical to assume that the above strongly depends on whether you have many images to work with in the first place or just one. In the latter case you may have time to spare and try different approaches which is not so easy in the former case.

But even so, even with just one image you cant keep messing with it "forever". Of course nothing/no one forbids you to do so but at some point you do eventually say, well that's it.

So, when is that point for you?

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