choosing between X-T1 and Sony A7

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John M Roberts
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Re: choosing between X-T1 and Sony A7
In reply to Patchy, Feb 3, 2014

Patchy wrote:

Well, the Sony is very small, light, nearly totally quiet, with a 35mm 2.0 corner to corner sharp wide open and has a very narrow focus distance. The IQ from the lens and the dynamic range from the sensor is fantastic. It is a perfect match in a very small package. But I see it as a still camera that replaced my Mamiya 7. The problem is the AF. It's slow focusing, that is unimportant for landscapes but I missed a lot of shots in street or event photography. On the other side a gained 1000 of shots because the camera was with me.

It is not the perfect camera but I never had so much fun and magic photos. The last two vaccations I carried also my Canon 5 DII with several lenses but these were almost never used because of the weight and the inferior IQ. Finally I got so used to the smal RX1 that I can't point big cameras to the people anymore. The only canon lenses that I still use when needed are the 135mm 2.0 and the 50mm 1.8 both for portraits mainly.

I need something reliable for street and events with faster focus and a zoom option, a wide angle for interiors and a good portrait lens. All this can be done perfectly with APS-C cameras when small DOF is not needed or not wanted. Sometimes you need to use wide apertures for low light but you don't want the small DOF this is when APS-C shows the advantages to FF apart from there weight. Same applies for wide angles when maximum DOF is wanted or for tele when maximum reach is wanted. You see FF is not always the best choice in these occassions.

Two bodys one FF with 35 for stills, landscapes and fine art and a second one for wide, portrait and street. Thats my needs. Yours might be totally different.

Makes sense. I have not been impressed with my X-E1 EVF and AF for trying to capture quick moments of expressions and behavior. I'm of the expectations of DSLR speed of my D700 or even my older Rebel. Even with landscape when I don't want to haul heavy equipment I have been frustrated with the Fuji EVF while trying to use a polarizer. There are other function that default to more of a point and shoot mode such as when the camera shuts down or when I check out preview, my 1/3 variation from the shutter wheel resets to one stop speeds or the self timer shuts off which I use 2 seconds in leu of a cable release. The firmware updates pleased me with providing real time histogram in manual mode and LCD and EVF simulating the given manual exposure but still no fix with above complaint.

So it was difficult for me to see that this X-E1 could come anything close to what I was used to for landscape as well when compared to my DSLR's. I still have my M7II with an array of lenses which I used in film days when I wanted to go lighter. If Sony comes out with enough optics that are small and light to cover my needs , then it may replace my X-E1 when I don't want to haul the Nikon E.

I do see the advantages of street shooting as you mention if you are going to rely on lots of depth of field. For event or quick capture of expression I still need to be convinced there is a mirrorless offering above 4/3ds that will deliver as I have gotten used to. Maybe this X-T1. At this point, having both the Fuji and the Sony would not be worth it yet, but I certainly get your needs. Thanks for your explanation.

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