D800 or d800e??

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Robin Casady
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Re: D800 or d800e??
In reply to soloryb, Feb 3, 2014

In theory, 360 ppi should be better than 240 ppi, but any difference is so subtle I can't really tell the difference. I was using the term "optimum" to mean best resolution to use when printing large.

Yes, ppi (pixels per inch) is the image resolution of the file sent to the printer. Some people use the term dpi (dots per inch) which more accurately refers to what the printer lays down on paper and is not what you set in the image.

soloryb wrote:


You said 240 ppi is an optimum resolution for the Epson 7800. I've always read that all Epsons print at an optimum resolution of 360 ppi or 720 ppi. I assume you mean the ppi value you send to the printer.


Robin Casady wrote:

Copter01 wrote:


I am a Amateur, mainly landscape photographer. I don't upgrade often, but when i do i buy decent gear that will last me.

i am about to upgrade from a D200 to a D800 but not sure whether to get the e. usually reviews are sufficient, but it is difficult to quantify the difference between the two. I have a few questions?

- Reviews say that Moire, at least problematic moire is rare on the e. Is that peoples experience here?

With landscape shooting, extremely rare. With cityscapes a little more common. However, the moiré difference between the D800E and the D800 is small. If you get moiré with a D800E you are likely to get it with the D800, just a little less pronounced. If you don't get it on the D800 it will be subtle on the D800E.

- i have decent lenses, and wish to be able to print, periodically, pretty big. At what size, and at what apertures do people find the difference between the two can be identified.

I haven't printed enough D800 images to quantify that. Looking at images at 100% on screen, the differences are noticeable, but subtle, at f/8 and wider.

A D800/E image produces a print that is approximately 20x30" at 240 ppi. which is an optimum resolution for Epson printers. I have an Epson 7800 that uses 24" wide rolls of paper or canvas.

- is there much of a difference in quantity of sharpening needed for the 800 vs e?


I went with a D800E. I didn't see the point of buying a high-resolution camera that has its image accutance degraded. If I were shooting weddings, I might have gone for the D800, but I shoot mostly landscapes and macros. With the D800E I know I am getting the sharpest image possible.

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Robin Casady
"Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please."
—Mark Twain

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Robin Casady
"Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please."
—Mark Twain

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