choosing between X-T1 and Sony A7

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Re: choosing between X-T1 and Sony A7
In reply to Donny out of Element here, Feb 2, 2014

Currently have A7, 6D, and GH3 (different tools for different tasks). Have pondered Fuji and actually had an xt1 on order but will wait to handle one. I've owned and shot EM5 and GM1 recently. All have strengths and weaknesses. I have shot Sony in the past and didn't enjoy it (a77). A few thoughts.

6D vs A7. Comparable iq, size and weight difference is massive.  AF is quicker on 6D, A7 plenty fast enough most of the time but depends how/what you shoot.

I find the A7 fun to shoot. So much so that I sold much of my u43 stuff, just keeping the GH3 and f2.8 zooms, mostly for video. frankly I'd sell the 6D but my wife wants to keep it for shooting her artwork (16-35/2.8 is useful).

my bottom line is that the A7 with the 55/1.8 is so good  *to me* that I don't want to swap lenses (the 35/2.8 is great too but I like working longer). So good that I'm thinking of getting an A7r so I can crop more heavily. I like the ergos though that is highly personal.  But the raw files from the A7 can be pushed around a lot and hold up. Only thing I'm really missing is a macro but I could use an adapter and use whatever I want. Plus Sony will no doubt get one out at some point.

that said I am going to go mess with an xe2 this afternoon. I frankly wasn't impressed with the build quality when I checked  them some time back but everything is relative. i can say that manual focusing on the A7 is easy and almost fun due to the EVF and focus peaking. Xt1 could be great in this regard as well. Gx7 and xe2, less so.

as always, ymmv. But best to try and handle the Sony, then grab any other FF camera. If nothing else, amazing engineering feat.

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