Canon 5D Mark III vs Nikon D610 help!!!

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Re: I missed the "previous posts".
In reply to camera raw, Feb 2, 2014

camera raw wrote:

"Only Nikon fanboys and specsheet readers think the Nikon D610 is comparable to the 5D mk III."

The above is absolute nonsense, and only have been written by someone who doesn't on these cameras. I use all three of these cameras in a professional capacity, and the only way I see the D610 being inferior to the 5d3 is in focusing speed.
The Nikon trumps the Canon in terms of dynamic range, detail, colors, etc.

YEah sure. So which professional capacity is that? The DR, yeah in RAW. Not of any concern. Detail? Pfff. Colours? Yeah right. That is just silly DXO talk. Usability, AF performance, responsiveness, all things a real professional will care about, the 5D mk III is a much better camera.

I own more Canon equipmeny than I do Nikon,

Good for you.

and you are denying the obvious.

I doubt it.

In my opinion the 6D also beats the 5d3 because of much lower noise,

Hah, more DXO talk, the 5D mk III is just fine.

better DR

Again that DR. DXO talk.

and no banding. And the 6D has surprisingly fast and accurate auto focus.

Yes, it is quite good.

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