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Re: Avoid A7, it has a broken sensor
In reply to Arn, Feb 2, 2014

Arn wrote:

Clayton1985 wrote:

Arn wrote:

a l b e r t wrote:

See this thread:

Not only you get sensor reflections on third party lenses, but it also manifests on the Sony 24-70 ZA OSS lens as well.

Seems to me Sony rushed the camera out the door without thorough testing.

Fuji replaced all X10 sensors with the orb problem. I doubted Sony will do the same.

Thanks for the tip. Looks like it's a trouble with both cameras, more with the A7 and a bit less with the A7R. The reflections seem to appear when shooting into bright light sources and stopped down to f/8 or further.

I think this is (potentially) inaccurate information. The A7 seems to be the one exhibiting the problem and most theories so far point to reflections on the thin low pass filter of the A7. This would indicate that it isn't a problem with the A7r which seems to be consistent with the example images that show the actual problem being from the A7. Several of the posts in that thread are showing typical lens flare - I don't know that I've seen an example taken with the A7r that exhibits the specific issue that the A7 is showing.

It does affect A7R, too. Here's a very clear sample demonstrating the problem on the FE 35:

I have never, ever seen a flare (spots) like that coming out of any of my cameras. But like I said, looks like you have to stop to f/8 or further to really see this effect.

I can't speak for your cameras but the implication that the flare example you linked to is unique to the A7 or A7r is inaccurate. IMO, you're reading a post on the internet and converting it into fact when there is still a lot more unknown than known at this point. The issue that seems to be specific to the A7 is not the issue that you linked to.

What about this: example 1

Or this: example 2

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