Epson R2880 a problem with handling media?

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Re: Epson R2880 a problem with handling media?
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I've always struggled to get my 2880 to deal with fine art paper, including the Velvet Fine Art. You can sometimes get it to feed in the normal sheet feeder, but its never reliable. The rear single sheet feeder is the recommended choice, but it is a very, very fiddly operation that is hard to get right. Success requires engaging a hidden mechanism that encourages the printer to feed in the have to feel a switch engage, and then the paper pulls in, and if you are lucky, it will feed straight. Recently, this mechanism has become extremely unreliable. What used to be difficult and annoying has become virtually impossible. It seems to have deteriorated to the point of no return. (Note that this guy doesn't actually print something

That leaves the front feeder.  While I've used it successfully in the past, it now is very reluctant to allow paper to be fed into the front feeder. Something inside is preventing the paper from entering. I turned the printer on & off a couple times, fed some paper through the top, and finally was able to load from the front. The first sheet squirted back out on top of the adjustable left side paper retainer.  Subsequent attempts resulted very blurry printing--something is not lined up correctly.

So I put in a stack of 8.5x11 office paper and tried to print this page, and even that most prosaic of printing acts has suddenly become a struggle.  Finally, managed to print something. So let's try the front feeder again. Nope, not accepting paper at all.  So let's remount the rear single feeder. OK, NOW it is feeding paper again. I have loaded in a fresh 13x19 of Velvet Fine Art and have started a print job.  Let's see how that works. Finally, after wasting 3 sheets of fine art paper, and 45 mins of time, I've managed to create the print that I set out to print. What a PITA!

I think this always-finicky printer must be on its last rollers. These are not problems with dirty rollers--this is a weak design that has deteriorated over several years of casual use.  The visual quality has always been stunning, but the convenience has been low, and the cartridges must be loaded with gold.  I'm sure that some 2880s are more reliable than others, but given the improved feeder on the R3000, and its more convenient and slightly lower cost/page cartridges, I can't recommend anyone buying this older model printer.  Anybody need some cartridges?


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