Good tele 300mm for Nex 5n digitizing?

Started Jan 31, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Good tele 300mm for Nex 5n digitizing?


I am looking for a tele lens, not expensive, of about 300 mm, or which zooms to 300mm. I plan to use the Canon 250D  closeup lens of +4 diopters on this tele lens. I want to digitize thousands of my slides.

My calculations show that the magnification  would be 300/250 = 1.2x and the working distance will be  1 meter/4 = 10 inches.

But I am not sure the 10 inches is from the sensor, or from the front of the tele lens. That makes a big differeence since a 300 lens is long.

This is part of a scheme to digitze slides while they are still in the projector, so I can do it very fast using  a Carousel or Sawyer projector and trays or their stack loaders.

But I need about ten inches working distance from the front of the tele lens plus diopter, to the illuminated slide inside the projector (there will be a diffuser betrween the bulb and the slide, to protect the slide from heat, and to illuminate it evenly and not too brightly.

And I need the  image of the slide to fill the Sony Nex 5n sensor, hence 1:1 magnification or better.

Any help will be appreciated,



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