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Greg: a split view in EVF, giving both full sensor's image as well as a selected crop...

Astrophotographer 10 wrote:

Hilarious post. Good reponse.

All I read is ciriticisms the mirrorless AF is not fast enough. So it seems (and neither right nor wrong here) not wanting fast AF would be the extreme minority based on the number of posts about it.

I can see your point though, I quite enjoy manual focusing. My Sony A7r is brilliant at that. But the Fuji XT1 just got even more brilliant at it with picture in a picture manual focus where you can with the main view and a small magnified slice of the picture on the same screen with your choice of manual focus aid (split view, focus peaking).

This is what I do with my A7r in 2 steps anyway. I use focus peaking and then if the object is static I use magnified view to check for totally accurate focus. It would be nice to have both available like that without extra clicks and presses. I can see that being what DP Review referred to as further refinements needed in the manual focusing system of the A7. A bit unfair of them to say so as the Sony system up until this Fuji one (assuming the Fuji one works as advertised) has been the best out there.


a split view in EVF, giving both full sensor's image as well as a selected crop is what very many of us wanted for ages - one of several crucial reasons the XT-1 is and instant hit. Announced a moment ago it has already dethroned A7 as most often pre-ordered body. And the supposedly very fast AF (we need an independent confirmation on this, and soon) is for sure among major reasons too


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